NYCHA Moves Toward Electrification with help from Buffalo Geothermal

Buffalo Geothermal is committed to reducing fossil fuels’ impact on the climate. With the help of New York Legislators like Governor Hochul providing funding to larger projects, we can help NYS lead the way to a greater future for all through Geothermal.

New York City is taking significant strides towards sustainable energy, particularly within NYCHA residences. At Jackson Houses in Melrose, Adam’s European Contracting and Buffalo Geothermal are partnering to install a new geothermal energy system to provide hot water for all 868 apartments. This initiative aligns with NYCHA’s compliance with the Climate Mobilization Act, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, targeting buildings responsible for 70% of the city’s emissions.

To assist with these goals, the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice established NYC Accelerator, offering resources to private building owners. Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Hochul announced a $70 million project to install 30,000 heat pump units in NYCHA buildings. Geothermal technology, like that being implemented at Jackson Homes, utilizes heat from the ground for heating water and is competitive against rising oil prices.

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