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2023 Housing Innovation Award Winner


Buffalo Geothermal has secured two prestigious awards in collaboration with Affordable Housing Concepts as part of the 2023 Housing Innovation Awards for the Zero Place project. The first award, The Total Package Award, recognizes the outstanding achievement in ZERH, highlighting their comprehensive approach to sustainable building practices across various categories. Additionally, they won the Blazing […]


NYCHA Moves Toward Electrification with help from Buffalo Geothermal


Buffalo Geothermal is committed to reducing fossil fuels’ impact on the climate. With the help of New York Legislators like Governor Hochul providing funding to larger projects, we can help NYS lead the way to a greater future for all through Geothermal. New York City is taking significant strides towards sustainable energy, particularly within NYCHA […]


Governor Hochul Breaks Ground With Legislation (S.6604/A.6949)


New York State Governor Hochul has signed legislation that allows geothermal to facilitate drilling beyond 500 feet, making renewable energy more accessible to NYS residents while helping the state meet its climate goals. Changing this regulation presents a pivotal opportunity to significantly enhance geothermal energy availability in urban areas, where space is limited. Deeper drilling […]


Pierce-Arrow building being re-purposed with area’s largest geothermal system


Article and Images Originally Published on WBFO By Mike Desmond – Aug 2, 2018 The Pierce-Arrow complex in North Buffalo is a familiar site to area residents, a symbol of a luxury car company that went away in the Great Depression. Now, remnants of the plant are being re-purposed by developers for housing and the Elmwood Avenue landmark […]

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Geothermal Tax Credit Instructions


The 30% Geothermal Federal Tax Credit is back, which can save you thousands on installing a system and makes Geothermal more affordable than ever.  If you are replacing a conventional heating and cooling system, be sure to get a quote for Geothermal. We can not offer tax advice to customers, but we are glad to […]

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11 Energy Saving Tips


Learn about our top 11 Energy Saving Tips: Replace your current heating system to Geothermal if older than 15 years  Seal air leaks and properly insulate to save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills. Install a programmable thermostat to save up to 10% on cooling and heating costs. Clean or change filters regularly. A dirty furnace or A/C filter […]

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Governor Cuomo Announces New Energy Target


From Original Post: New Energy Efficiency 2025 Target is Equivalent to Energy Used by 1.8 Million Homes Energy Efficiency Strategies Will Deliver Nearly One Third of State’s 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal $36.5 Million in Investments Will Prepare up to 19,500 New Yorkers for New Jobs New Strategies Will Increase Annual Electricity Savings to Over 3% by 2025 Positioning New York as a National Leader in […]

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Buffalo Geothermal Wins with Siano Building NY-GEO


Buffalo Geothermal Wins 1st Runner Up for TOP JOB at the 2018 NY-GEO Conference for The Siano Building   April 18 – 19, 2018 Buffalo Geothermal Heating LLC, attended the New York Geothermal Energy Organization Conference in Albany, NY.  Owner, Jens Ponikau, presented another year on a Top Job submission.  This year we submitted The […]

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Buffalo Geothermal Wins Top Job


Buffalo Geothermal Heating Wins NY-GEO ‘Top Job’ Award The objective of the GeoStar Top Job Competition is to highlight and recognize the incredible talent, creativity and imagination that exists in geothermal system designers and installers. An additional aim is to communicate to those outside the industry the variety of ways that geothermal heat pump technology […]

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NYS Politicians Support Renewable Energy


I am very proud to be here [Buffalo Geothermal] and stand up for something that is good for one of our local businesses,” boasted Senator Patrick Gallivan​.