Governor Hochul Breaks Ground With Legislation (S.6604/A.6949)

New York State Governor Hochul has signed legislation that allows geothermal to facilitate drilling beyond 500 feet, making renewable energy more accessible to NYS residents while helping the state meet its climate goals.

Changing this regulation presents a pivotal opportunity to significantly enhance geothermal energy availability in urban areas, where space is limited. Deeper drilling allows access to hotter subsurface temperatures, which translates to more efficient heat extraction for geothermal systems.

“To expand the drilling depth for closed loop geothermal boreholes is an important step forward to enable geothermal systems. We would like to thank the Legislature, the governor, and especially the Department of Environmental Conservation for their efforts to enable geothermal technologies to thrive in New York State to replace fossil fuels for heating and hot water needs. New York has not only become the State of Opportunity, but it has also become leader in implementing renewable energy.” – Jens Ponikau (NY Geo President and Founder of Buffalo Geothermal)

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