Environmentally Friendly

With geothermal heat, you will not only save money but also protect our environment. These installations are CO2 free. Each geothermal system installed is equal to planting one acre of trees or taking ten cars off the road.

The Most Energy Efficient HVAC System You Can Buy

According to US EPA, “geoexchange is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available”. With operating efficiencies of 350% to 550%, geothermal will out perform any fossil fuel heating system and save you a ton in energy costs.

New Construction or Existing Homes

Geothermal heating and cooling have many options and can be considered for existing homes AND homes undergoing new constuction. Give us a call for specifics. Our goal is to provide maximum comfort with minimal environmental impact.

Unmatched Comfort

Unlike your grandfather’s old fossil fuel burning furnace, a modern geothermal system is designed to stringent ACCA Standards . With 4 air changes per hour and high volume, low velocity air handlers, every room in your home will be exceptionally comfortable all year round.

Practically No Maintenance Costs

During the lifetime of your geothermal system, there will be no need to spend your money or your valuable time on maintenance. There are no condensers, burners or chimneys to clean, as is the case with fossil-burning installations. We have done our part for the environment, now it is time for you to make a move! Give us a call, and let’s sit down and discuss your new energy-efficient home.

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